Stones that best correspond to Libra

Carla Neri

September 24 — October 23 

Smoky Quartz—A protective stone, provides the concentration needed to resolve problems and challenges, helps maintain balance and a positive self-image.
Jade—Offers vitality and health. Strengthens the immune system and allows Libra to put thoughts and feelings in order
Aquamarine—Brings inner freedom and mental and spiritual clarity
Sugalite—Encourages freedom, self-definition and self-restraint
Star Sapphire—Clarifies the will, sharpens the critical faculty and creates a sense of peace
Chrysocolla—Fosters tolerance and harmony
Tourmaline—Emits a message of peace. Keeps the mind and soul in balance

Skilled workmanship increases the healing power of stones. Silver strengthens the vibratory intensity of many. With my experience in the therapeutic art of stones, jewelry can be tailored for your individual needs.

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