Stones that best correspond to Sagittarius

Carla Neri

November 23 — December 21 


Lapis lazuli—Enables Sagittarius to realize his aspirations, and find love
Obsidian—Helps in pursuing goals and self-discovery. Protects from negative Influences and restores optimism
Aventurine—Enhances positive qualities. Strengthens inner cheerfulness and self-confidence
Herkimer diamond—Promotes clear thinking, and encourages strength for new adventures
Sodalite—Promotes strength to remain true to yourself
Apatite—Combats lack of motivation and irritability. A powerful antidote to grief and negative emotions.
Chalcedony—Helps you look inward toward essentials and protects from restlessness

Skilled workmanship increases the healing power of stones. Silver strengthens the vibratory intensity of many. With my experience in the therapeutic art of stones, jewelrycan be tailored for your individual needs.

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