Stones that best correspond to Scorpio

Carla Neri


October 24 — November 22

Hematite—Offers patience and peace of mind. Enables compromise and trust
Coral—Brings joy, energy and sensuality. Protects from envy and resentment
Fluorite—Promotes intellectual development. Harmonizes positive and negative aspects of the intellect. Promotes endurance and willpower for the good of others
Obsidian—Loosens rigidities and may ease psychological problems. Helps relax constrictions in the shoulder and neck
Sard—A gemstone of justice. Encourages justice while keeping fanaticism in check. Promotes openness and solidifies friendships
Garnet—Transforms emotional strength and desire into true love
Tourmaline—Brings greater awareness and respect for wishes and ideas

Skilled workmanship increases the healing power of stones. Silver strengthens the vibratory intensity of many. With my experience in the therapeutic art of stones, jewelry can be tailored for your individual needs.

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