Barbarian Canine Pendant

Neri Handcrafted

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handmade fine silver keum-boo jade pendant
keumm boo canine necklace

Jade symbolizes renewal and is considered a lucky stone. 

Cultural inspiration was taken from the Barbarian period in this canine motif. "The barbarian has been commonly used by historians to describe wild, uncivilized and uncultured groups that brought backwardness and ignorance to Europe."

The keum-boo technique was applied for a one of a kind jade necklace.

  • Fine Silver and 24kt. gold
  • Genuine Jade
  • Handmade and one of a kind
  • 16" Sterling silver chain
  • Sacral or Solar Plexus chakra
  • Star Sign Libra, Pisces and Cancer

Jade is a protective stone, and is believed to endow it’s possessor with the ability to interpret dreams, keep you from harm and bring harmony. Jade attracts good luck and friendship, soothes the mind, releases negative thoughts, and stimulates ideas.  

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