About Neri Handcrafted Jewelry

As the daughter of a retired Industrial Arts teacher, I grew up fascinated by what I watched my dad create in his basement shop. This was my first exposure to metals and the tools that are used to make stuff, and it wasn’t long before I was tinkering by his side. Later on, I practically lived in my high school’s crafts room, learning basic jewelry-making techniques.

After a long detour in my professional life as a graphic designer, I finally brushed the dust off my workbench: jewelry had drawn me back. The time had come to combine my metalsmithing and design abilities into the jewelry business I’d always dreamed of.

When you wear a piece of Neri Handcrafted jewelry, you are wearing a unique piece of art. Each design grows from an idea and starts with a pencil in my hand (there’s no way like the old-school way). I use only hand tools for fabrication: a jeweler’s saw to hand-pierce a bird or flower, hammers to create texture and form a shape, and the flame of a torch to construct and set stones. My design process results in a piece as unique as its wearer. No one will wear the same necklace or ring or bracelet.

My designs are evolving, and the stones are personally selected for their rich hues and healing properties. If you have an idea or a favorite stone, or you need a special piece to adorn a new outfit, we can collaborate for a custom design.



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