Chrysoprase Ring

Neri Handcrafted

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handmade sterling silver chrysoprase ring

Chrysoprase creates a harmonious effect on both body and mind, promotes adaptability and stability.

  • Natural gemstone
  • Handmade, one of a kind
  • Sterling silver
  • Size 9.5
  • Heart Chakra
  • Star sign Cancer.

Chrysoprase means "golden bloom" named by the Greeks. It was considered a magic stone, ensuring good health. It symbolizes clarity of thought, and the Earth at springtime.

A poem from "Crystal Wisdom" by Dolfyn
I sing of the springtime, for out of the Earth
The soft buds of life bring the hope of rebirth.
I am the youth that still lives in your soul,
No matter how tired, no matter how old.
I bring the truth that spring comes anew
Ever from winter, that each soul can renew
Itself endlessly in lifetimes untold;
That the soul and the seasons alike unfold.

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