Keum-boo Dendrite Opal Amulet

Neri Handcrafted

Regular price $ 185.00
Handmade Sterling Silver keum-boo Dendritic Opal pendant
Dendrite Opal has the meaning and properties of giving hope. This is a good gemstone to use to change your luck. Wear this amulet to assist with surviving the turning points of your life. Dendritic Opal is used to understand your true self.
  • 24kt. Gold Foil fused (keum-boo) on Fine Silver
  • Handmade and one-of-a-kind
  • 18” sterling silver chain
  • Crown chakra
  • Star sign Pisces and Cancer
Magical opal symbolizes eternal hope. Wear this Amulet to restore your inner harmony.

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