Romanesque Opal Pendant

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Romanesque Lahoud Opal Pendant
Romanesque Lahoud Opal Pendant
Romanesque Lahoud Opal Pendant

Roman author, naturalist and philosopher "Pliny the Elder" described the opal, "It combines the soft fire of the carbuncle, the shimmering purple of the amethyst, the beautiful sea-green of the emerald, the golden yellow of the topaz, and the deep blue of the sapphire so that all the colors sparkle together in a wonderful play of colors."

  • Rare Tiger Iron Boulder Opal from "Lahoud" mines, Australia
  • Handmade and one of a kind
  • Repoussé Sterling Silver
  • Amethyst and Garnet nugget 16" strand
  • Antiqued finish, pendant measures apx. 2" wide x 2"
  • Star sign Pisces and Cancer
  • Crown chakra

Consider this Opal pendant your lucky stone and symbol of eternal hope. Microscopic water drops within the stone create the spectacular colors in this stone especially visible in natural light!

Please note: A small fracture in this stone was repaired and the pendant is discounted 10% 

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